Hi, my name is Lieke. I help people to map insights in a visual way, for communicating a clear story or developing engaging products and services.

Lieke BeelenI love exploring user’s contexts and learning more about their daily lives. The insights I gain from these explorations are key for designing clear, simple and engaging products and services which enrich people’s quality of life. I believe an holistic approach is needed to reach relevant design by taking into account the experience and needs of all stakeholders involved.

From my creative perspective, I experience visual thinking as a tool which brings people together. It generates a shared understanding even in the most complex situations. Therefore this fun tool is always part of my way of working!

For example, this is what I do:


Coffee? I would love to tell you more about how design research, visual thinking and conceptualisation could be of value to you!

Lieke Beelen
+ 31 6 476 31 222